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Can I really get charged for this So here is my situation, I'm under 18 living in Alberta, I have no criminal records, Im really a good kid, good grades and everything. Recently, I have been accused of stealing from my employer (Around $250 worth of product). TheThe Flames home jersey reason I am writing is because I am not sure if they have strong enough evidence against me. To be honest I didn't steal them at all. What happened was a person came into the store and wanted to buy a t shirt, unfortunately, while paying, the guy must have entered his PIN wrong and the transaction was canceled. Unaware, I gave him thethe cheap Flames jerseys free shipping shirt and he walked out. After a couple min, I realized what had just happened, but instead of telling my manager (If I did, I would have to pay the difference for the shirt), I stupidly decided to try and cover it up by throwing out the receipts. About 2.5 weeks later, my manager contacted me saying that he found these canceled transactions through the computer and that it was suspicious they were no longer in the store. He checked thethe cheap Flames jerseys cameras and its easy to see that I tried to cover it up. This alsoalso wholesale Flames cheap jerseys happened with a couple hoodies, a bad pin was entered and I tried to cover my tracks. These were mistakes and I handled them in the wrong way. I believe that it is unfair, but I'm worried because he told me I was going to be contacted by the police soon. Is it possible that I can get charged with theft under $50? I am willing to pay for the "stolen" products but I don't want to get charged for this. You did wrong by trying to cover up your mistake. You should have immediately notified your manager. Your poor judgment should/will get you in a lot of hot water. Now there is no easy fix for your situation. The hoodies scenerio could have been totally eliminated. You apparently didn't learn from your first supposedly honest mistake, why would you do this same dumb thing again? Makes no sense to me. Now you're going to have to pay with cold, hard cash for your screwup. Get an attorney and consider it money well spent to fix your screwup. Check out some similar questions! Can you get charged afterwards [ 11 Answers ] I was in my old work the other day and I accidentally had about 15 dollars worth of stuff in my child's stroller and walked out not remebering it was there. I am sure that if they look on the cameras they would see that I had stolen these things and most everyoe there knows who I am. I live in. What to do with my charged off car. [ 3 Answers ] I have a car that was charged off in a bankruptcy. I lived in Missouri and moved to Texas and am moving back to Missouri. They never came to get the car after the charge off so I just have this car sitting around. What can I do with the car? What are the ramifications if I leave it behind? I. Charged or not charged? [ 2 Answers ] Few months back in Toronto Canada, I was caught for shoplifting. Shop called cop, he gave me appearance notice (Appearance notice give by peace officer to a person NOT YET CHARGED FOR AN OFFENCE) and allow me to go. On the day of my first appearance I was told to pay few $ to charity and told. Can I be charged for this? [[ Flames jerseys china 5 Answers ] Will I still get charged? [ 1 Answers ] I have alread received a violation for "Failure to be of good behavior". My PO threatened I could be charged with forgery is that still coming? I was made aware of this December 22. What I am asking is if I already got violated on "failure to be of good behavior" could I get violated again if I.