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´╗┐Baltimore Metro Baseball cancels 2014 season League officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Online message boards indicate the decision to end the league was made in November. In aa Rangers jerseys china 500 word explanation posted on its website, Baltimore Metro Baseball says that startingstarting Rangers jerseys cheap in the early 2000s, participation shrankshrank wholesale cheap Rangers jerseys china from 135 teams in nine age divisions to just 30 teams in three age divisions. "All of these changes and the significant [deterioration] of the player pool . are the key reasons that I have decided to end the long run of BMB after 37 seasons," the announcement said. Baltimore Metro Baseball in 2010 announced plans to create a new league with a less rigorous schedule than its regular offering. Registrationoffering. Registration wholesale Rangers cheap jerseys for the new league was $125 per team, but the league offered to decrease that to $25 if a team had already paid to play in another league but wanted to switch to Baltimore Metro Baseball. The announcement said league teams won 55 national championships in tournamentstournaments cheap Rangers jerseys china hosted by the American Amateur Baseball Congress, Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc. and National Amateur Baseball Federation.