Job Opportunities                              We hire for ATTITUDE and pay for PERFORMANCE!

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We hire, train, equip and reward hard working people and challenge them to adapt in the field to provide a level of service that is second to none.  We believe in hiring "Good People" because with good people as fellow employees, we can provide you with support and opportunities for improvement, growth, and long-term success. We are an Equal Opportunity Employment Employer. We believe in promoting from within.


Our method of operation is designed to provide our employees interesting and challenging jobs, flexibility of job assignments, and good working conditions which will produce advancement and growth for each individual employee, as well as for the Company. As an employee, you are a Full Participating Partner in the success of our Company.  Your success contributes to the success of others.  The Company will be only as successful as its employees make it. Remember, a Company is only as good as its employees!

"Those who excel, who extend the extra effort to succeed, and who can associate their success with that of the company, are those who can reap the greatest benefits in the form of job satisfaction, progress, and monetary reward".  You are paid for your efforts and performance not the length of your employment.

Our corporate office and facility is constantly growing to meet the support needs of our sales team.  We are always looking for motivated, dedicated and talented employees to help promote the growth of our company.

Those individuals who choose to succeed and produce sales can meet their own personal income requirements.  Based on your knowledge and your efforts, your rewards are limitless.  There is no ceiling placed on your income.

"Working in a progressive growth oriented, family like yet cooperative environment, Priority Products Inc. Employees are committed to perform their responsibilities in the most proficient manner possible while maintaining the highest degree of ethical integrity.