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SERVICE AND QUALITY IS SYNONYMOUS WITH PRIORITY PRODUCTS, INC.  Priority Products Inc. is more then just a supplier, we are a Strategic Partner with all our customers. Priority Products, Inc. gives a full range of Superior Value Added Service capabilities to accommodate the specialized needs of each and every one of our individual customers.                                            

                                                                               SERVICE IS WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT!
Priority Products, Inc. is your premier single-source maintenance and repair distributor of fasteners, hydraulic and consumable parts enabling you to efficiently and effectively lower your total maintenance repair and operations costs, thus a reduction of dealing with so many different vendors as well as a savings of paper work, time, and labor.

We offer to perform a vendor managed inventory bin stock program at your location. It will be serviced to maintain proper inventory levels to fit each company's custom individual needs, on a regularly scheduled basis, helping you work smarter and slash cost.







  • Inventory Control solutions to satisfy all of your maintenance and repair requirements.

  • All MRO supplies are organized, maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

  • Hot Rush Orders.... for those orders that must go A.S.A.P. (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)!
  • All Fasteners guaranteed to meet or exceed all SAE, ASTM and ANSI specifications.
  • Lot control - we can trace any fastener to its original origin, via lot numbers on each product package label.
  • Obsolescence Program Agreement to buy any and all unused parts, regardless of who the seller was, issuing a credit against future purchases.
  • We feature many hard to find items. We are known as the "Specialty People". So call us with your needs.
  • Custom Hydraulic and Air Hose Assemblies fabricated to your specifications at our Hydraulic Shop on the spot as quickly as you need them.... (Even Made While You Wait!).
  • MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets available with all chemicals.
  • A Tool Repair Division to offer our customers the ability to have most of their Air and Electric Shop Tools, as well as Hydraulic Jacks and Porta-Power Tools repaired or rebuilt using Genuine Factory Parts.
  • "Prioritizing" : Ask your sales representative What We Can Do For You!

We take great pride in our Superior Service, the Selection of the Industry's Best Product Lines, and the Hiring of

a Good, Strong, Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Willing Staff to assist you, in any way!




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